Friday, March 5, 2010

i just dont understand it. why do people prefer to tell lies rather then the truth. i know the truth hurts. but let me get this straight, lies are more hurtful. i hate LIAR. in my life, people come and go. telling me all the lies and all i do was believe u people. am i stupid or im just being fooled? i dunnoe. hopefully one day i get the answer.
so easy to tell a lie and just say sorry. that was easy. let's tell lies people! cmon la. lying wont help to cover ur asses ok. one day, the truth will unfold. and that will be the worst nightmare. i just want u to get it straight in ur head! im not scolding, nagging or controlling ur life. just understand, im doing this for ur future. if ure not doing it for me, then do it for yourself. imagine urself in few years to come.
yes, i know i scolded u over small issue. it maybe a small issue for u but not for me. all i wanna say, i hope u still know whr u come from., ur roots. know ur limit and think of yourself. now on, i wont interfere ur life. but remember, any help needed, i'l try to help u. do what u think is best for u. im just a part of ut life. just advising and correcting u. bye! imtired.


♥ you are still in my heart...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life as been different for me now currently. Loving my life as it is. blessed to have him as mine. he was my enemy, friend and bestriend. now, his my lover. thank you for bringing my smile back. at least i know, no more shedding of tears. only tears of happiness. im happy to have him by my side. at least i know there's someone catching me when i fall. thank you, muhd izzat.ily.

well, fighting has been season in a relationship. ex-es may just pop up and spoil everything. it hurt me when i know ure contacting ur ex. let me repeat, EX. and yea, it was me talking to her. sorry if i interfere in ur privacy. but i have to know. i dun wanna the same thing repeating to me again. i hate it. thank you for being truthful though. maybe jealousy just takes over my emotion. im sorry. i just need time alone for NOW.

but i just want u to know. u have been the greatest gift in my life. u change me and teach me what love feels like. thank you. and yea, i love you.


♥ you are still in my heart...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too much things happening but soo little time to update. yeah, its been long since i last updated my blog. soo sorry. was soo busy with my work. cant even spare time to update my blog. reached home feeling tired and soon falling asleep. that's my everyday routine. seem that i dont even own a life. haha. have been going out frequently. yes, mostly with the BOYFRIENDS. soo nice of you people, although, im the only girl, u people would still wanna bring me along. How sweet of you.. aww. haha. well, thanks for the companion and truly, i appreciates it lots. been spending most of my time with the guys rather than the girls. i just dunnoe why. it seem that my gfs are damn busy with their own things. haha. but its ok, i dun mind. tmrw im on morning shift and yea, pay is coming. :))

♥ you are still in my heart...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

two round of night shift. not doing in-charge, instead, doing junior. yea, PSY junior. i just Love it cause someone i admire is lying on that bed im looking after. sad that im doing night cause most of the time, he's asleep. i dun think he even notice me. haha! well, its fine though. looking at him sleep at least make me satisfied. haha. he look cute when he's asleep. aww. i love you, RS.

ended my night and he's for home today. too bad i didnt get the chance to say goodbye. hope to bump into you somewhere ok. haha. today is my sleeping day. reached home and slept for at least hours. got my good rest at last. woke up and house is totally in mess. everyone's missing. so yea, cleaned the whole house. wanted to go out and have my meal but no one is available to accompany me. that sucks! well, just rest at home and hopefully i get my meal. iits been 24hrs since i last had my proper meal. oh gosh! stomach upset.

tomorrow im on off duty. yea, need plenty of rest. i'll be having my car practicals tmrw. cant wait for it. after that, not too sure what plans i have ahead. hope someone just call me or msg me and ask me out. cool-ness! more practicals to come and soon i'll have my test. i hope i could make it before my membership expired. sunday will be attending azam's birthday party. hope it'll be a great one. see you dude. soon, more to come into my life story. Y

♥ you are still in my heart...

Friday, November 6, 2009

yes, im busy with work and everything. been werking for a week non stop. off day will be this sunday. i just wanna rest, that's all. been long since i last updated my blog. well, alot of things have been going great. enjoy every moment with my working colleagues. thanks guys! you're the best!so yea, just random thoughts here. i just feel something different in my life now. i just dont get it. it seem that everything is just drifting away from me, one by one. soon, i think i end up with nothing at all. just sad to see or say this but its the fact. im having that feeling. but whatever, thanks to my friends who had been by my side all along. although i guess no one knows the real true story of my life. but its ok. tmrw im werking and yes, i have to sleep cause im gonna have sleeping disorder soon. that's bad! Y

♥ you are still in my heart...


" She’s a girl,
living in her perfect world
enjoyed every moments spent,
that will always be her memories.."

We're not perfect.
and neither is this relationship.
But you know what?
It's ours. All ours-
the little jokes that only we understand,
the way our hands
naturally find each other's
and the memories
that seem so wonderful
now that we look back.
Our relationship
will never be perfect,
but it will always be an important part of me.

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